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LadyMisery – sounds like a steady plan, I’ll be rooting for you !

Jamie – is this your first 5K? It is inspring once you get moving with the crowd, and eveyone is cheering you!

MzMiNi – Kickboxing is something I’ve wanted to try sound like a heart pounding day

Ron, thanks for checking in even when you don’t make the gym, life interferes for all of us!

SteelerGirl – Welcome – Did you get in that 70 minutes?

Kaitlyn – nice ride – I find sweat motivates me! As for your ankle / mom – its her job to worry about you and it sounds like she does that part pretty well! –

Now, since I don’t have a mom near by, I broke rules today, I couldn’t resist climbing on the treadmill even though my doctor had said stay off it for a week – it went fine, I went pretty slow (a ten minute mile, followed by a nine, then ending with a slighly better than 9), and kept the slant at 2, felt great, and no foot pain. This was followed by a yoga class with a new instructor, amazing, I loved the old one, but this one blows my mind!

Ready for anything!

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