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Default A healthy pregnancy: needing to get back on track

Hi, I'm a normally healthy active person, but have put on more weight than I should have during this pregnancy (as much as I gained in total with my first). Now at 6 months and have gained 40 pounds with dr. directed care in nutrition. I'm a mom of "advanced maternal age" (but not THAT old!)

I want to be healthy as a new mom for myself and my kids. So tracking food as of today, including protein and calcium intake. Mostly need accountability to stay away from the simple carbs, too.

Perhaps unrealistically hoping to start to reverse the process I've started in the extra weight gain of the first 6 mos. Anyone done this successfully? I will be absolutely certain to have plenty of protein and calcium for the baby (and me) and am focusing on fruits and veggies. The good thing is my base diet is pretty healthy. It's making sure I don't go overboard on snacks and even things like the almond butter on things. Which has been a total failure the last 6 mos. I give myself a break for the first trimester, but have maintained bad habits since. So frustrating.

Also aware people will say not to worry, you're pregnant, etc etc but think that's actually not the case- I do need to pay attention. So any ideas, thoughts, things that have worked, encouragement- would love it!
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