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Default Trimming down to an ultra-lean 8% body fat

I guess I better give some background info before I start.
I'm 17 years old, and right now I'm sitting at around 10% body fat, with most of the visceral fat on my face..
I will be starting a 6 week fat loss dieting program so that I can get to a 8% bodyfat (I will judge by the mirror, once I see separation in my deltoids). Hopefully once I reach my goal my jaw bone will be pronounced and most of my facial fat will be lost.
Here's the guidelines I'll be following in my 6 week journey:
Macros: 55F 150P 150C
- No simple carbs besides milk and some fruit
- Most calories are consumed pre-workout, about 80% stretched throughout the day in tiny meals. Last 20% consumed after workout.
- 30 minutes of cardio on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and every day on the weekend.
- 1 hour weight lifting session every other day, on a split routine. 3-6 different exercises, each with 3+ sets, and 10-12 reps per set
- Drink water until urine is clear, disregard amount of bottles drank.

I will use this thread as a log for the food that I've eaten daily.
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