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In my opinion, the emphasis on 'the right foods' or 'good foods' is important, but calories override all of the 'best' and the 'good.' If you watch your calories, you'll find you're going to feel a real pinch in your eating - because you can eat all the 'good' and the 'right' stuff, but you'll have to eat less of it.

Not to disparage the good and the right stuff - it does tend to make you feel full longer and also meets your nutritional needs. Realy, the problem with the bad stuff, even if it adds up to the same amount of calories, is that it doesn't really match the good stuff for nutrition and satiety, although it tastes wonderful (I had a Big Mac recently and it was heavenly). If it adds a caloric wallop and then you are not satiated very long, you're back where you started, but that much over your caloric limit. If you are watching your sodium, something like a Big Mac can mess with your salt budget, too.

fitday gives you a good picture of calories but also all the other good nutritional information (basics) that might influence your diet. Keeping a food log, you can see what you want to 'tweak.'
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