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Originally Posted by liberatedmist View Post
hmmmm.... that is a tough one. I would say run because I know that is what I would so, but I am not sure that is the best medical advice.

It is probably better to wait until you are breathing better before you do too much. Strength training and lighter cardio type work can be just as helpful when training for a race. Work on strengthing some other muscles and toning your core instead. You have some time before your race so it is probably better advice that you don't run. Work on healing before you get back into your running/training program and do something else to build muscle and burn the calories you need.
See I think just by asking this question I probably knew the answer anyway. I have a weekend off work so will smash it on Saturday, but I am still setting my alarm tomorrow to get up and I'll see how I feel first thing.

Because I do have some time I'm willing to run the risk of a delayed recovery by trying out a decent sized run tomorrow, I just don't want to do any damage to my insides. I'm pretty sure what I have is just neck up rather than anything in my chest which makes me think just go for it. :/ HRRMM what to do!!

Play it safe and wait 2 more days or just go for it? My upper body muscles are a bit sore from weight training and powersets earlier this week so don't want to do anymore weight training or kettlebell sets until the weekend.

I do have a mountain bike which I'm building into my training plan, just feel very guilty this week as was off on holiday last week so didnt train at all. I can't go 2 weeks without running
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