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Default To run or not to run


I had a case of tonsilitis starting last tuesday and although my right tonsil still feels a bit enflamed I think I'm well over the worst of it. I have no started to sneeze and have a slight cough with is usually just coughing up a bit of phlegm.

I went for a short run sunday evening just to see where I was and after 10 minutes I was struggling and I wasn't even running a decent pace.

I usually run about 25-30K per week up to 90 minutes at a time and am supposed to be training for a 10k race in November.

I've missed my usual running this week, but have used weight, kettlebells and my punchbag to stop boredom.

My question really is, tomorrow morning I want to get up and have up to 2 hours to run in. Is it worth waiting until I'm fully fit before running again or do you think I'll be ok running tomorrow?

If I feel rough tomorrow whilst running I will stop but I don't want to delay my full recovery just for the sake of a 1500 calorie run.

I appreciate everyone is individual but any advice or experiences would be great.
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