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Hey Mike - musta been one of those industrial strength staples, eh?

Ron - proceed at your own risk! But, welcome to the madhouse! I think we can fit you in over near Mike on this wagon - sorry if you get beaned by a spitball - it was intended for Mike!

Today's numbers were MUCH better! I kept those carbs fairly low, and got the overall calorie count up.

Calories: 1,609 Fats: 105.0 Carbs: 53.9 Proteins: 120.4

Still have to journal for today - but actually have little to write, it being a rather uneventful day (thank goodness). S2BX came to bring #2 son to his GED class, and only pleasantries were exchanged. It's been rainy and very windy, and I keep waiting for the power to go out!

Mom is home now, and I'll be going there tomorrow with some soup for her and my dad, and will also bring #2 son to help with any heavy work (dad's back is out). Grateful that they arranged to have a visiting nurse come by to set up some help. She sounds more like herself (complaining about Dad), and that is a relief!

Ok, peoples, let's keep this week moving!

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Be Still and Know that I am.
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