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Abby, hope the foot gets better! :S I broke and dislocated my ankle very badly about 4.5 years ago, and it still reeks havoc on any exercise I attempt to do. Grrr. It was exercising that did it in the first place (playing netball, slipped over on a wet court! ) But anyway..... I understand the frustration of having some sort of foot related injury!

Today.....I had to work late, and couldn't get to the gym, so I decided I was going to attempt to jog (for the first time in maybe forever!)
I'm a nanny, so I got the 3 year old I look after onto her bike, and she cycled and I jogged/power walked/died alongside her. She goes at just my pace..... I managed to do 5km (3.1 miles) in 40 mins and 35 seconds, which could have possibly been a bit shorter as I had to wait for said 3 y.o to catch up a lot of the time.... lol. Not sure if this is a good time (obviously about 6 hundred other joggers and runners overtook me along the way, but still....) for me, as I am incredibly unfit at the moment....

Can really feel it in my ankle though now....I even wore my support brace for it, and it still hurts, but never's still exercise.
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