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Originally Posted by granny.10 View Post
Good Morning! Does anyone have any tips for those of us over 55? My metabolism just isn't as fast!
Actually, you might need to go see your doctor. I am almost 54 and did very well on Atkins--lost 40 lbs in two months...then it took another year to lose 7 lbs. It turned out that I had developed diabetes, my metabolism had slowed due to being through menopause, and I had a few other things going on.

Since I could show my doctor a year's worth of stats from fitday, she was able to help me. I would suggest that you keep stats for at least a month or two. I was able to show that I'd stayed under 40 carbs (and 1600-1800 calories) per day--for more than a year. For part of the time, I was immobile due to surgery--but that was the time period that I lost 40 lbs. My exercise increased gradually over the months following, but my weight loss slowed greatly.

I'm not a fan of weight-loss meds, but after 1 year of sticking to my lifestyle change and not seeing good results (and my blood sugar readings going crazy the last two months), my doctor changed my glumetza dosage and put me on phentermine. I still eat the same food and almost the same amounts, but my metabolism has sped up enough that I am now losing again.

But, as I said, talk to your doctor...there are more things that affect your weight loss than age.
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