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Hit the gym yesterday after work and pushed my legs pretty hard.
I also achieved a few personal best's
Leg Press: Got to 260lbs and did 2 sets of 10
Leg Extensions: Got to 170lbs and did 2 sets of 10
Sitting Calf Raises: Got to 135lbs and did 3 sets of 10
I also upped my reps on my Incline Lumbar Extension routine.
I also use a 25# plate and did 3 sets of 25-it actually felt effortless, which is good because my lower back used to ache a lot when I would run, but not anymore.

Abby- sorry to hear about the tendonitis, it's a downer when our body says enough I gave myself "Golfer's Elbow" about 3 weeks ago while pushing hard doing preacher curls and they're still pretty tender as of today.
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