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Numbers: Calories: 1,066 (oh well) Fats: 62.2 Carbs: 90.5 Proteins: 44.3

Cantaloupe and ice cream cake put me over the top for carbs, but failed to keep the total over 1200...

Journaled, moved more furniture in the living room, packed more of S2BX's stuff, kept the drama to a minimum (even when he was here), and actually slept through the night ! (Over the weekend, got all of 6 hours in a 48 hour period)

Want to try to bring more attitude of gratitude in my daily dealings with people. For instance, this group right here - thank you all for being a solid presence, every day, bringing me to a better place just by signing in. You all provide support on this path we share, and a good chuckle daily (Mike? Tori? ).

Well, got more tomatoes to cook and can (got a pot of barbeque sauce on the stove, waiting to be put into jars), so lemme get back at it. Catcha later!

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Be Still and Know that I am.
Be Still and Know.
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