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Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
I've never seen the tortillas that you mentioned, but I have a new favorite. I used to buy Joseph's Lavash, but lately I've replaced it with Joseph's Flatbread. My new favorite is toasted sesame seed, but they offer several others. They are soft and moist, made with flax and oat bran and they are pretty big so you could almost just use half. Here's the info: Low Fat Pita Bread - Flax Omega 3 Pita Bread - Square Lavash - Pancakes

I made a huge wrap today with tuna and tons of veggies and it was really delicious!

I buy them at Walmart near the deli. Nutritional info:

Calories: 100
Total fat: 3 g
Sat Fat: 0
Trans Fat: 0
Cholesterol: 0
Sodium: 260
Dietary Fiber: 3g
Sugars: 1 g
Protein: 8 g
Thanks. I may look for these for variety's sake.

I loved those tortillas. They used to have 71 calories, 8 g protein, and a whopping 12 g fiber, which I loved. Now they are 110 cals and 9 g fiber. And they were perfectly pliable the way they fact, the best one out there, IMO. Oh well, we'll see what the new incarnation brings.

Plus also, the Ravens' result was embarrassing.

But my O's are still fighting for it ! And on the west coast, which will make that sleep goal a challenge this week .

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