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Goals look good, everybody! Welcome back to the Monday wagon.

Mike, thanks for reposting the link. I love the canine helper that intermittently comes in to supervise, lol.

A week or so ago I posted about a change in the nutrition information of my fave hi-fiber tortillas (Ole Extreme Wellness) changed drastically. Today I received a response from the company; fyi, for anyone interested:

Thank you for taking the time to write.

The changes made are due to the fact we were receiving a lot of complaints regarding the products pliability. We decided to move forward with a formulation change that would improve the pliability by replacing a percentage of the fiber source with wheat. This change improved the pliability but adversely affected the nutritionals. Now we are receiving a lot of feedback concerning the new nutritionals. Due to this we are now working on one more formulation change that will still improve the pliability but keep the calories below 100 and the fiber at 10+g. We are expecting to launch this formula within the next 90 days. We hope you can be patient with us during this transition.

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