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Default Green Tea

I have been drinking green tea for the last several years, not for weight loss but just because I like it. I would like to offer a few suggestions for your consideration:

First: There are many many different types of green tea and it does not all taste the same. Generally speaking the best quality usually comes in loose leaf form. Teabags are far more convenient but usually do not produce quite as good results. One of the most common everyday green teas is called Sencha. It is affordable and widely available both in teabags and loose leaf form. When I am in a hurry, I use sencha teabags from Maeda-en. You can find them on their website or Amazon. Part of the fun of drinking green tea is exploring the different varieties to find one that suit you.

Second: DO NOT BOIL THE WATER!! Green tea is FAR more sensitive to the specifics of the brewing process than most other teas. Green tea should be brewed with good quality water (not tap water) that has been heated to temperature of 165-185 degrees Fahrenheit. Boiling the water drives off gases and may significantly change the water. This may be of no consequence when preparing something like black tea which is very strong. More delicate teas, such as green, can be adversely affected. Further, the length of time you steep the tea can affect the taste as well. This may require some experimentation but best results are usually obtained in the 30 seconds to 3 minute range. Check out for tea reviews and specific brewing suggestions.

Third: Make drinking tea a positive everyday ritual. From the heating of the water, to patient steeping of the tea, and from the first to the last sip, the preparation and drinking of tea can become a little ceremony in your everyday life that provides a few special moments in which to center yourself and indulge in sensory celebration. Finding comfort and enjoyment in the things that are good for you will help keep you on your chosen path.
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