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I'm in! Not changing my goals, but I am going to really crack down this week and make it happen. No more, "I worked so hard today that I deserve a (fill in the blank with something fattening) or "I'm too tired to make a decent meal; I'll just pick up a pizza, fast food, etc." Time to get these last few pounds off before I go on vacation.

Did burn a ton of calories this weekend painting a bedroom. Still have odds and ends left to do tonight. BUT, I ate a ton, too. So it's time to be honest with myself and break the old bad habits that I've fallen into when my schedule got crazy.

1. LOG EVERYTHING, no matter how small.
2. Calories under 1100.
3. Strictly limit breads and cheese; no deep-fried ANYTHING!!!
4. Take ALL vitamins and supplements; even the big, nasty ones.
5. 3-4 fruits and veggies a day.
6. Be grateful, humble and patient with everyone... no matter how hard.

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