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Default Hey Ladies, a new week is here! You know what time it is!

Hey ladies, it's time to climb aboard the wagon. There is plenty of room. All my sexy ladies, please form a single file line and no pushing please. Lets load this wagon down. No rocking the wagon... until we get it packed out! If we rock it too (two, to, to-to for Tori) hard and you fall off, feel free to climb back on... or you can run, walk or crawl behind.

I plan on being here for all 7, so I will be a weekend warrior.

I will post goals tomorrow, I'll probably steal them from YOUR goals*, so you better make some big pimpin' goals! Lets see if I can beat you lovely ladies at your own goal...

I'm not sure if my sista from another mista will be in, so I'll only make goals for myself.

Who is in?

1. Eat 4 servings fruit/vegetables (Jenn)
2. Log everything. Everything (Cassie)
3. Take ALL vitamins and supplements; even the big, nasty ones. (Quinniepoo)
4. Dietary fiber 25g (Mern)
5. keep (start) journalling (Judi)
6. reign in the excitement of only 28 MORE DAYS TILL WHN COMES HOME!!!! (Tori)
7. Drink my water (belinda)

*I obviously won't be able to take a goal from everyone but I will take them from the first 5 or 6 so if you wanna put me in my place, get in early!

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