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Originally Posted by Atrsy View Post
I've always followed low carb diets when I was dieting, but after the age of 40, they worked less and less until recently I didn't lose at all. I was keeping my carbs below 40g a day and eating less than 1200 calories but I was unable to lose weight.

Recently, I adjusted my low carb to count percentages here at Fitday and I have started to lose weight. I am keeping my counts at about 65% fats, 24% protein and less than 15% carbs. My calorie count is now about 1800 per day.

I don't want to cut the calories too low because the body will adjust and cause more problems. I've been doing this for 15 weeks and have lost about 13 lbs. It is very slow, but it is working.

I am 68 years old, so I am definitely post menopausal.
Thanks for posting Artsy, this topic comes up a lot and although I'm post menapausal too, I often don't know how to respond.
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