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Default On Motivation: Are you fit enough to save a life?

Max Richardson here just chiming in. It might sound extreme but the will to survive is what motivates me. I live in New York City where things can get crazy. I also live by the idea that we are a natural disaster or a bomb away from pure chaos.

You only need to look at what happened during Hurricane Katrina to see this. Once the Hurricane hit and the city got shut down it only took a matter of hours for chaos to engulf the city.

Can you run to save your life?
Is your grip strong enough to pull some one from danger?
Can you climb a fence?
Can you lift enough to be able to save people trapped?
Can you knock some one out to protect someone? If not I write about that here and show a video of how here.

You don't even have to start that extreme.
Can you run to catch a bus? This is a sort of every day survival.

These are the things that I think about when I train. I don't train to look sexy, I train for function. It just happens that functional training can make you look sexy. I believe that if you train for survival you will always be motivated and losing fat and building muscular endurance will be a natural result.

So don't think about the pounds you can loose, just think about the lives you can save by being fit. If you commit to this the first life you will be saving is your own.

Hope this helps.

Step your game up.
Max Richardson

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