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Since you are asking for the advice, I will give you my two cents and it is coming from experience.

I felt much like you did before I made some big changes. The decreased motivation comes from feeling like you are depriving yourself of tasty food and working out like a fiend.

You want to lose 15 pounds. "Not too tough" is what most people will probably say. Well, 15 pounds is a lot of weight to lose, no matter where you start.

Here is my advice. Try not to eat processed food, try not to eat or limit the number of times a week you eat in restaurants. Learn to make your own tasty food. I realized before the weight loss started clicking for me, I wasn't tasting ANYTHING when I ate. I was just eating to feel full. For me that meant adding lime juice, vinegar, pepper, different flavors to food to accommodate my palate. Be really "present" when you eat. Pay attention to how the food tastes. Taste it how a wine aficionado tastes wine! Count all your food intake accurately. Use a scale.

Don't work out like a fiend. Just try walking 30 minutes a day with some vigor, about 3- 3.5 mph. That should burn around 100 extra calories a day, and in a month without working out like a fiend, you should lose a pound. In a year you will be at your goal. Want to lose faster? Then you will know what to do. It isn't magic, it is work. I'm nearing a loss of 50 pounds, and it has taken roughly 2 years. But it is slow and steady, and I don't feel deprived, I don't work out like a fiend.
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