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Default Motivation is fizzling out

So, I started as I usually do, very motivated and committed to exercising every day. After about 6 weeks I look better, although the scale has only shown a 3 lb. loss. (Ideally, I'd like to lose 15 pounds overall).

But now I'm really losing my motivation.

At this point, I am sort of frustrated. My eating habits are very good (I eat the right thing 95% of the time...fruits, veg, chicken, fish, skim milk, etc.). I am pretty active...yet I don't look the way I would like to and the weight just doesn't fall off of me like it did when I was younger. Also, the tedium of having to work exercise into my schedule every day is getting to me. It just sort of feels like, "what's the point?" I have to deprive myself of tasty foods and satisfying portions AND exercise as a fiend, and yet the scale still barely budges?!

I'm good about exercising if I have a class or an appointment with my trainer or a friend, but not when I'm left to my own devices.

How can I get my motivation back so I can get back on track?
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