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I need to exercise and don't feel like it--kinda sleepy today. Don't feel like going to the gym or doing my whole Walk Away the Pounds for Abs aerobic walking DVD, either. I think I'll just do a mixed bag today. First I'll see if I can find a step aerobics demo online to do without the step, then add just one mile of my DVD, some jumping jacks, and AbSlide machine reps to total 30 minutes of exercise. Now that I've said it, I guess I'll have to follow through so I can come back here and give myself a BIDIA award. For the newbies, that stands for ...But I Did It Anyway.

Jenn, nice to have a girls day out. Kudos on the fruit and on that low fat, nutritious lunch. I need to join you on working on the water--all I had today was coffee, also. Geez, I thought $3.49 for the Justin Bieber birthday card I couldn't resist for my soon-to-be 11 year old GD was expensive. For $4.69 I'd expect a key to the Pearly Gates in that baptismal card.
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