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Originally Posted by Ja55mck View Post
Hi all

I also saw the horizon program on this and was very interested. I bought a book off amazon called the alternate day diet and went to work. I did three fast days (500 calories per day) a week, Monday, Wednesday and friday. on the other days I literally ate whatever I wanted, takeaways, wine, whatever.

First week was amazing! I lost 6.5 pounds and my body fat dropped 2 percent. However week 2 and I haven't lost anything. I saw that someone else had the same problem on week 2. Anyone else had this issue and if so what happened week 3?

I have been doing this for 2 weeks now and lost 6lbs I do drink tea with sugar so only have 2weetabix with milk for breakfast then just drink tea and water until the next day. Currently I love it.

My skin is so much better I'm no longer bloated and sleep loads better.

I do eat what I like on my up days but I love fruit n veg so still get a lot of that.

I only started out to try the first 2 weeks but will now carry on.
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