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I might be able to help you, I'm 42 and started at 244, this morning I weighed in at 180, so I'm down 64 total. I live a pretty active life, but was huffing and puffing and lethargic at Christmas. We bought an elliptical machine for Christmas. I will caution that it's one of those things you have to work up too, start at 1-2 minutes, then 5, then 10, and so on, and it's easier with music (so put on your headphones and revolve to the beat). I do an hour full out every morning now, it gets me up and moving better than coffee, it's a really great calorie burner and awesome for your heart. From what I can tell it burns 8-12 calories per minute depending on your weight and on the enthusiasm of your workout. Another exercise I recommend is biking, either stationary or road. It's easy on the knees and you can tailor the impact to your fitness level. You might be out of shape, but I'll bet your body still knows how to ride a bike. You should also work out with weights a couple of days a week, just light hand weights at first then increase either the weight or the number of reps as you get in better shape. And for flexibility, there is nothing better than yoga. It's very low impact and you can get DVD's that are beginner enough for young children. Our local library has a really good selection and when I find one I like, then I buy my own copy. Oh, and if you can get to a pool that's a great low impact, calorie burning workout, even if you're just goofing around, and you don't have to get a sitter because the kids will gladly go with you and keep you there longer than you would stay by yourself.

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