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Originally Posted by thinkdavis View Post
An update -- over the past few weeks i let it slip a bit in terms of diet and excercising (enjoyed august!), but now i'm back on the wagon and working on getting back to eating well and excercising regualry. I think i paid for it -- i'm up about 5 pounds or so.

With that said, I'm still seeing a personal trainer once a week, and debating on upping it to 2x a week for the rest of the year.

I figure at this rate, i'll hit around 275 by the end of the year (for a total loss of 50+ pounds!)
I've never used a personal trainer, if money isn't an issue go for it. I would personally try to learn as much as possible (if it's a good trainer that know their butt from a hole in the ground) and apply it on other days without them there. If it's someone pushing you that you need, try to find a partner.
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