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Hey .. I'm back. Nice to see posts from you krms. Congrats on the continual weight loss!

I've been crazy busy and haven't gotten to post anything. But I'm over a month in the program and finally cracked losing 10 lbs. I guess I was expecting it to come off faster as it seems I've drastically cut down on my food intake and moved to a low fat diet. But I'll be happy with the 10 lbs. I keep going to my Optifast meetings and the support is fantastic! They tell me I'm on target with losing about 1 lb / week. So like you said, krms, I'll keep plugging along too.

I have noticed that my clothes are a Lot loser! So that's great! I think I'm losing inches quicker than pounds.

I am more tired at the end of the day and they told me it's because I'm not getting in enough food. (I do have a habit of trying to cut back, which they told me not to do). My goal for this next week is to be sure I eat at least 5 times a day... 3 Optifast products and 1 snacks and 1 meal under 300 calories. My Goal: Banana/Fruit(when I wake) - Optifast (bfast) - Snack - Optifast(lunch) - Snack - Under 300 cal Meal (dinner) - Optifast Bar (evening snack) and they said I have to space them out more evenly. They want me to eat something as soon as I wake up (hard for me as I'm not a morning eater). I'm starting my day with a Banana and Coffee. Then 2 hrs later have my first Optifast shake. (not sure if thats what they had in mind - the banana - but its working)

Keep up the good work krms... I'll try to keep up my posts better. Hearing from you is VERY encouraging as I feel like I'm not doing this alone.

Keep losing!
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