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Originally Posted by Keily664 View Post

ONE MORE THING: Okay so last night when I did my run for a little over a quarter of a mile my hip started hurting and it has never fully gone away. What should I do?? Besides the normal heating pad/ice pack.
This sound like a little hip flexor tension - I get that too. It usually isn't a bad thing, but can get annoying. One of the best things for it is to stretch the hip flexors AFTER you run. Lunges, "runners stretches" and wide legged squats will help. You should be able to find them on the web, or check out "Runners World" for injury prevention.

Regarding the lack of gym: There is a bunch of resistance/weight lifting you can do without a gym. Push-up (knees or toes), leg lifts, crunches, hollow rocks for abs, air squats, back extensions (by tucking your feet under a low chair or couch). Milk jugs are a great substitute for dumbbells, and jumping rope will get your heart rate up in a hurry.

I bet with some creativity you and your family can even come up with a science project on how many calories various exercises burn, or how much water you lose or need during exercise.
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