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Whoopsie! I forgot to weigh in yesterday while I was at the gym.

But I definitely HAVE been making a bigger effort to record what I do. In fact, I've made it a priority to make it to the gym between the time I get off work and go to pick my sister up from her job. So far, of the past 5 days, I made it to the gym 3 days. Things are looking good.

I'm thinking I might just skip my weigh-in this week. Perhaps after 2 weeks of concerted effort to watch what I'm eating and to be more active, I'll see a more significant payoff.

Galwaylass, so happy for you! -1lb is amazing, you're still moving in the right direction.

I haven't yet had to deal with a party situation. Unless you count the breakroom at work. Today there was a cheese plate with crackers- not too bad. Sitting next to the cheese plate was a pile of muffins, each one twice the size of my fist! Stayed away from them, and stuck to a couple cheese slices and crackers. Enough for a pick-me-up and that was all.

We'll see how next week goes.
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