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Originally Posted by JaimeMWS View Post
I thought I was a complete klutz because I couldn't catch or hit a ball. Just shows there is a sport for everyone, but it may take a while to find it.
I love this comment Jaime! I couldn't agree with you more. I think most girls think of themselves as klutzs because they don't measure up to the "star" atheletes. This is really unfortunate because it limits girl's access to one of the best things in life - playing! Run, jump, chase, tussle, all things we really do not need to grow out of.

Perhaps that's why your DD is asking to join you at the gym - look how much fun mom's having... I gotta get some of that in my life!!!

Hey Ron, you must be very near your mini-goal by now!? Your consistency at the gym is inspiring.

Ladymiseryali, walking is one of the best exercises ever! Glad to see you here. Any particular goals in mind?

And welcome back Kaitlyn, so nice to see you again. I think you would get a kick out of weight lifting. Do you have access to a gym or weightroom at school? If not, there are lots of ways to do resistance training without a gym, but you need to be a little more creative.

And Me? CrossFit - it being 9-11 we did one of the "Hero" workouts. Hero workouts are unusually long for a XFit WO. It was a count down WO, starting with 21 reps each: squat clean (55#), double-under jump rope, 20" box jump, and deadlifts (120#), followed by a 50m "walk" on all 4's, called a "bear crawl".

Once you finish that you start all over again for 18reps, then 15reps, 12,9, 6 and 3reps. It took me 41mins and I needed several breaks both within the reps and inbetween the movements. WHEW!
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