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Hello everybody! Quiet night here - the kids went to a friend's house to play video games, and I am just enjoying the silence and solitude. Man, it has been quiet on this board lately. Not unlike the tides, it just seems to ebb and flow...
And much like a barnacle, here I am, stubbornly clinging to these changes! hey,whatever works, right?

Still journaling, keeping up with the supplements, posting the numbers on FitDay and on this forum. Ended up making 16 pints and 10 quarts of black bean/roasted corn salsa- at least I finished something right yesterday!

Tracey - it could just be water weight - eat clean and drink lots of that miracle liquid - H2O! Flush it out!

Mike - thanks for the reminder about Tuesday - we should never forget.

Miss you Tori!

Quinn - that whole "Humble, grateful, patient" thang - I think this week, for me, might be a good week to remember to cop an "attitude of gratitude". In all this darkness, you shine a light of goodness on us all. Thank you.

Jenn - Wise thoughts : 5. Be gentle with myself. Know it's going to be an emotional week and just go with the flow. And as an aside not to take it out on other people!! Touche!

Mern & Cassie- et tu? yeah, I fell off that same danged wagon yesterday - three ears of corn! Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy Ice Cream! Thought I was doing so good, working all day with the salsa making - but I let my guard down, got too tired to cook (anything else!). I even ate one of the ears of corn raw - how sad is that?!?

Ann - just incredible with your running! Impressive numbers/mileage!

ok - here are the numbers for Monday:
Calories: 1,390 Fats: 85.7 Carbs: 48.4 Proteins: 111.8

Happy to keep the carbs on the lower end of the spectrum. The total calories weren't too bad either.

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Be Still and Know that I am God.
Be Still and Know that I am.
Be Still and Know.
Be Still.
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