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I'm 69 F Weigh 90 # more than when I married 23 years ago. We raise angus beef and have a freezer full. My husband is a meat and potatoes guy. Since he is more active, he only has a slight gut he could stand to loose. I try to get in about 6 hours a week of water volleyball, with other older folks. I'm really sticking with this since I joined about a month ago. Weigh every day, cause I like to see my wt chart, with me just below the goal line. I may need real help, if it creeps over the line, but so far, that line keeps me motivated. trying to eat healthy. Cut fats, keep protein, avoid empty calories, and cut some of the carbs, except for high fiber ones. Love vegetables, but have trouble getting enough fruit. Taking supplements for calcium, d, fiber, and omega 6, Sort of a modified South Beach, I guess.
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