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Originally Posted by kylz01 View Post
Tracking my calories has been a real eye-opener but think I may have to actually plan my meals beforehand and stick to them as I tend to eat and then check the calories for my food log and think "Wow, that's heaps higher than I thought". Am also thinking that I might have to get some reading glasses to read the nutritional information on my packaged foods!
Don't forget drinks. I used to enjoy those Arizona drinks in the grape, watermelon, and other flavors and I found out they have as many calories as a full meal. I had no idea how many calories they had in them before I looked. I mean, I could read the number, but it was meaningless to me as I had no idea how much food the number corresponded to.

One of the benefits of tracking your foods and other caloric intake is that it lets you come to an understanding of how much food that "300 calories" for example should represent. You can begin to visualize for example 300 calories worth of vegetables versus 300 calories worth of sugar drink versus a 300 calorie frozen dinner, etc. and begin to make better choices that will be more filling.
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