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Thumbs down Script Errors and Hang Times - Fitday 2.0


The issue with the script being used on Fitday 2.0 is really causing problems for a few of us at work. I work in the IT Department and I've tested this on a number of computers running Windows XP and Windows 7. I've tried Chrome, Mozilla and IE8, all of which are locking up the browser when you enter food into the log. Using Chrome and IE8, the script uses about 25% of CPU and hangs indefinitely. Mozilla after a period of time detects that the script is taking longer then it should and has a problem and gives you the option to exit the script after which you can enter the next food item. The problem occurs again though. My colleague indicates the issue is occurring on his Mac also.

Do you know when this will be fixed? It's a huge NAG and major deterrent from using the site. I'm a long time member of Fitday and I lost over 100lb's with this site using the classic version. I moved to livestrong because of the better interface, then Fitday 2.0 came out and I've moved back, but the script issue has me banging my head against the wall screaming NO, No No,

Hopefully it gets fixed soon. Thanks.
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