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Jenn, kudos on your little indulgence not causing your scale numbers to go up. I forgot to weigh this morning before breakfast, so I won't weigh until tomorrow.

A little computer program I now use to remind myself to take my supplements may be worth looking into for those of you who have a problem remembering. It's compatible with my computer which uses Windows Vista and an anti-virus program to scan files for malware/viruses before I download them. I used to keep my pill box by my computer as a reminder, but I'm used to it being there so no longer take note of it. Desktop-Reminder 2 (you can find it through any search engine) resides in the system tray, is very easy to use, and gives a comical yodel as an audible alarm. In order to keep it working, you must minimize it rather than close it out--clicking "task is done" or the snooze button will minimize it. It will reload itself to the system tray when you restart your computer. Since I downloaded it a couple weeks ago I haven't missed any doses of my supplements.
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