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Default 7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 9/10/2012

Well I haven't seen or heard from anyone all weekend or this morning so starting the thread myself. Was able to do two runs this weekend - one three mile one and one 4.5 mile one with my friend. Felt good to push myself to run two days in a row but took a break yesterday to watch the Bears game, have a few drinks and be unhealthy. Back at it again today and looking forward to starting a new week. Hope everyone had a good weekend and if you slipped, to start the week off strong and back on the wagon!

Started AGAIN after Baby #2: 8/1/2012
Height: 5' 6"
Starting weight: 180 lbs
Current : 153
Lbs Lost: 25
Lbs Until 1st Goal Met: Success!!
Lbs Until 2nd Goal Met: Success!!
Lbs Until 3rd Goal Met: 3

Goal #1 165 by 9/17/12 - First Day back at work
Goal #2: 155 by 10/17/12
- Daughter's B-Day
Goal #3: 150 by 4/15/13
Goal #4 - 145 by 6/1/13
Goal #5 - 140 by 7/1/13
Goal #5 - Ultimate Goal - 135 for Life!!
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