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Wow... it is quiet!! Well, this weekend was pretty much a total wash for me, food-wise. Could have done a lot worse, but sure could have done better. Haven't logged Friday through today, but my calories weren't that bad. Did have an incredibly lovely 3-day weekend with hubby, transforming our yard and home from summer to fall mode. Found beautiful mums at HD and the property looks amazing, I must say. I've been busy also transforming our home from "raising children mode" to "childless mode", which has also been therapeutic and fun. Crazy things, like buying new silverware and dishes, cleaning cupboards and closets, making meals that my daughter hates, lol. I'm really enjoying this new phase and I know that she is too, which makes it a win-win.

Made an awesome peach cobbler last night with the last of daughter's fruit/veggie stand peaches... I know, I know... I could have found a healthier way to use them up! But with a hot cup of coffee late last night, it was really a treat.

Did a little more shopping this morning and everything else has to wait because it is, after all, PACKER SUNDAY!!! (With a Detroit game as the opening act at noon!) So, I'm one happy girl!

It feels good to be back here. When life gets busy, I always miss the friendship and support that I find here. Telling parents bad news always hurts; it somehow brings us back to our own parent/child relationship with them, no matter how old we now are. I'm sure after the initial shock they will be a great source of comfort and support. By the way, the cranberry and gin is an incredible way to get a full serving of fruit, don't you think?? lol Makes me want to dig in to my wine supply for today's game... hmmmm... sounds like a plan! You're handling everything with grace and sound judgement. One minute at a time, followed by one hour and then one day. You're strong, capable and unstoppable... no matter what, never forget that. Oh, and send some salsa my way; you're making me hungry!

Ahh... going home... yes, it's a mixed bag. I was having an incredible time laughing and reminiscing with my mom and relaying the stories to my husband. But, after I returned home, it hit me that most of my family is no longer with us and then it wasn't fun any more. Kind of like when my husband arranged for me to spend the afternoon last summer at my childhood home for my birthday. Things that you haven't thought of in years and years, both the good and the bad, come rushing at you like a title wave and it's much more powerful than you and usually catches you completely off guard. Part of the sadness, as well I'm sure, has to do with the fact that these are all probably "lasts" for my mom and I. Although I would never want to return to my home town to live, a much larger part of me remains there than I was aware of prior to Friday, if that makes sense. Familiar foods, familiar smells, familiar places bring back memories of my dad and brother who are no longer here who made our family whole; memories that have been filed away for a long time. I'm the type of person that can "compartmentalize" bad memories and store them away. I purposely don't remember or "celebrate" dates of sad events, etc. because I don't want to relive them year after year. But, when taking a trip such as this one, you're forced to do just that and it always takes me a day or two to file them back away... lol.

Anyway, off to my opening day double-header (and bottle of wine... gee, thanks Judi! lol ) Probably the only way I'm going to make my quota of fruit for the weekend! lol

Have a great afternoon, all!


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