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[QUOTE=emilymckelvain;858]I started using a protein shake about three months ago that I really like. It's by Dymatize Nutrition and is called Elite Whey Protein Isolate. I use the Rich Chocolate flavor, but they have lots of different flavors available. It has 24g of protein and only 117 calories and mixes easily with water or milk, so I'm sure you could mix it with soy milk too. It really does help you feel full longer and helps me to balance out my protein / carb / fat ratios. I compared a lot of different shakes on Amazon, and thought this one had a fairly high protein content for the calories compared to others. I originally bought it at Amazon and just re-ordered directly from the supplier at [link removed]

thank you so much! i had looked into a mix they sell at GNC its whey protein and you just have to mix it wiht soy milk and you can add berries or any kind of fruit you like. I do really need to get more protein in my diet so I will buy that then, thanks for the reply!

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