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Originally Posted by Cravitz01 View Post
I work full time, go to school full time, and mostly live out of a microwave. im looking for some tips to help me get my healthy food, but in a way that is easier for me.

At one job, we have no fridge, so i need ways to have healthy meals that doesnt need to be cooled (Im there for 8+ hours, so ice packs are little use)

At another job, i have only a 15 minute break and a microwave, but here we have a fridge.

Also, I dont eat beef or pork products, and i am lactose intolerant, unfortunately

Im not really looking for snack ideas, more for actual meals, mostly dinner ideas but ill take whatever you have! Please let me know any suggestions that you have!!!


There are plenty of healthy meals you can prepare ahead of time to bring with you when you won't have access to a fridge or microwave for 8 hours.

Frozen water bottles will keep your food cold and safe all day. I travel a lot plus I'm a vegetarian with food allergies so I will pack a lunch cooler with high protein meat replacements (Deli smart, Gardein, Morning Star or any other perishables) I have trouble finding when out of town.

When I have a really long flight (that includes a meal or two I can't/won't eat) I will bring my own in a small insulated disposable (zippered) lunch bag. Some of my favorites are a breakfast burrito filled with egg whites, veggie sausage, grilled veggies and cheese or a tortilla loaded with deli smart, cheese and raw veggies or a fake chicken salad rolled up in romaine lettuce.

What macros you are aiming for?
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