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have you ever had Tabbouleh? it's a delicious dish based on quinoa, fresh chopped veggies, olives, and an olive oil based dressing. You can add feta cheese or not..your choice. Best part is, it's a filling salad that doesn't need to be refrigerated all day (best served room temp) and it doesn't have to be reheated I make a big bowl of this on the weekend and take it all week. I divide the portions into individual containers, store it in my personal refrigerator and on my way out to work, I put it into my lunch bag (with or with out an ice pack) and eat it when I'm ready.

I can post the recipe I use or you can search for it on the web. There are tons of great recipes on (my go to source when I don't know what I want to make) and the website is great because you can search by ingredients you want and ingredients you don't

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