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Originally Posted by kerrymcdonald91 View Post
I have recently moved to the other end of the country to move in with my partner and we have been arguing more than usual due to not seeing each other much because of his shifts at work and not been considerate of each others feelings. Last night however he told me hes not attracted to me anymore, that he looks at other girls bodies and wish i looked like them. My heart took a beating, I know I'm overweight but i never knew it was such a problem. He used to say he liked my figure, but now he says my weight has always been an issue for him. it has ruined our sex life, he never wants me anymore. i want to lose weight to be more confident with myself and so hopefully he'll find me attractive again. suggestions please xx
It must be really scary to be in a new place, probably far from friends and family. Hope you have a job. Can you move back to your home turf? Things sound rough. I was in a mariage for almost 25 years with a guy who always said he would love me IF. Take it from me, iit is much better to have a guy that loves you just the way you are. Then you can work on your own to change the the things you want to change. I am lucky now to be in a marriage for 23 years now with a guy who loves me as is and encourages me in what I do. Heck, I could be almost to 50 years now if I'd started out right, but we all learn from our mistakes, some slower than others. I'm down 5.6 # since recently starting over on this diet. Yea, I'm finally below my husbands weight. Get yourself in the right place physically and mentally and then you go girl!!!

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