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Hi Everyone.
SW I envy your ball games. DH is a Sox fan, and as Abby can attest baseball is a nasty word about now. Glad you enjoyed yourself.
Abby taking a week off really isn't a bad thing - in fact you may find you are stronger than ever with an extended rest. Good luck w/the jury. Sometimes it can get tedious.
Ron, you just keep pumping those reps out - glad you are seeing some changes from the scale, not just the mirrors and reflections.
MzMiNi, Hi! glad to see you back, I thought you had abandoned us .

Did track intervals last night. 3 reps of 1200 meters (3/4 of a mile). Each 1200m is 3 times around the track. I am getting much better at running on a track now, as opposed to feeling like a turtle in a turtle bowl. I am getting better at focusing on the run instead of looking all around wonder when the torture would end. Last night I got into that groove where I didn't even realize that I was on the last lap. OH and very stead 6:06, 6:06 and 6:07 minute 3/4 miles.
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