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Default Frustrated with MYSELF

I weighed in yesterday at 115.5 pounds which is a two pound gain from last week. I'm exercising a lot but I guess I'm not burning off as much as I'm eating. That's no surprise, I guess: there are a couple of things working against me.

One is that exercise makes me really, really, hungry. It's SO hard to watch calories when you exercise vigorously.

Another is that if I DON't really pay attention I get better results than if I do: when I count calories I get all hyperconscious and just automatically start feeling deprived, but when I just eat what I feel like usually eat just a little more but don't think about food all day. It's like a some kind of ugly feedback loop. Thinking about my weight makes me anxious so I don't really lose any.

It's possible that slight gain is because of TOTM. Don't anyone tell me it's muscle gain because no way did I gain two pounds of muscle in a week.

But I really did overeat this week: my man was off and at home and we ate out a lot and drank a lot and were relaxed about maybe just a little more effort this week will make a difference.

I keep trying to remind myself that it's a process. It's going to take time. It's more important that I'm gradually changing my habits to include daily exercise and healthier food than that I'm losing weight. The one is a permanent lifestyle change, the other is a fast result that may not make any difference in the long run. Patience and fortitude, right?
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