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Just checking in. I am down another 2lbs this week so happy with that. I got lots of exercise last week (4 hours + per day) so I think that is how the 2lbs went. My diet was ok but not great .... even had roast potatoes 2 evenings!!

Andeieligon: I hear ya re the work and schedule, there is no room for procrastination so you just have to get on and get it done. I hope once you are back to work things become easier for you. Its such a shame your Mom isnt more supportive! On the upside at least you can do your own shopping from now on so you should soon be seeing a big difference soon. Congrats on the .5lbs!

This week I wont have much time for exercise. Hopefully get in 3 x 3mile walks. I am on track with my food. On average -900 daily so hopefully hit my 2lb target.

Best of luck to everyone else!! Lets make this week, a kick ass weightloss one! Adios from sunny Ireland.

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All right! Well Happy September everyone! I go back to work tomorrow, back to school with all the kiddies.

Anyways, I weighed and measured yesterday. Lost about .75" all around, and finally I am at 319.5 officially. So I'm going to chalk that up to a half pound loss. *shrugs*

I have to say that I am looking forward to going back to work for a lot of different reasons. Since I haven't been getting paid, I have not had any money to purchase my own food and that means I haven't been able to actually buy anything nutritious. The logical thought is to then make the best of whatever is available. Not entirely possible though when my mother cares just for a quick deal and not for the lasting benefits of fresh or frozen vegetables. She'd rather just get a quick deal on cans or the cup of noodles. Urrgh. It was partly my fault for not stocking up on enough food for the summer like I've done in the past, but still. There is no reasoning with some people sometimes. In particular someone who should be getting fresher vegetables, smarter protein sources, etc.

On top of that, going into work and being on a schedule is much better for me rather than just having tons of free time. If I know that I have a certain time for working out and being active, I take advantage of that time rather than waste it on something else. Seems backward logic, but that's what I've found to work.

Sorry for rambling on. Things around here have gotten pretty stressful and I needed to vent a little.

How are things going for everyone else?
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