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Default Anyone tried this?

Having watched show Biggest Loser in the past - not so much now, as I'm not into the conflict and game-playing - I decided I would attempt on a small scale something they often do: To ask the contestants to do a challenge carrying the equivalent of all the weight they have lost.

I've lost 20-ish pounds and kept it off over the last couple of years and decided I should try it. Bought some bags of birdseed and put one 10 pound bag in my backpack and headed to the park to walk my regular 4 mile route. Holy Toledo was I sweating by the time I got done! And shoulders were REALLY tired.

I don't know if I could have carried the whole 20+ pounds that far or not. Granted, it didn't all come off my back - that weight was distributed over my body, but WOW. Did it make a difference.

Good workout. And a reminder of how good it feels to even lost that amount!
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