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Hi, everyone, I'm back from the wilds of Vermont. I had a really good time, no computer/TV/electronics...Called home only twice, boys didn't burn down the house or annoy the neighbors, so that's all good. S2BX showed up twice to get some things done and (I guess)check on the kids. I didn't keep track of my food intake, but I must have done something right, since the scale went down again. I had a slice of pizza for the first time in 2 months, and it was enough (delish!), with a small salad. Other than that and some wine, I kept the carbs fairly low, and kept the proteins up during the weekend.

As far as goals for the week, I don't think I'll be too specific this week - emotions are at a point where tears or maniacal laughter could erupt at any time...either way, not good. I will keep the vitamins/supplements going daily, and keep on journaling both food and life. That much I know I can do.


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Be Still and Know that I am.
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