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Cassie and Mern, thanks very much for the congrats! We're totally over the moon. The ring is lovely and extremely sparkly, which doesn't really come across in the picture. I'm just focusing on not losing it, lol!

Wedding date plans: No firm date yet. We are aiming for next August (August 2013). My fiance's brother, who lives in Australia, will be in the States next August because his best friend is ALSO getting married, so if we can aim for that month, that means my fiance gets to have his brother be his best man. They're really close and it would mean the world to my fiance, so we're going to try to do it. I'm sure we'll set a date soon-ish; gotta find a venue first!

We're going to aim for marrying in Western Massachusetts; it's in the middle of all of our families (MA, CT and NY) and most friends are on the East Coast too. Still looking at potential venues; western MA in the summertime isn't super-cheap and we're trying to keep the cost reasonable, so we'll just see. As soon as we set a date I'll be sure to let everyone know

How he did it: We're pretty low-key, but DF did make a sweet proposal. We had been planning a date night -- my parents had been here to visit for a week, so it was after they left for some 'us' time. (Little did I know that while they were here, he had spoken to them about the proposal). That day (it was a Sunday) he said 'Hey, why don't we get dressed up nice for date night' and he cooked a nice Italian dinner himself, gnocchi with a alfredo sauce from scratch, nice crusty bread, and a big 'ol salad. Alfredo sauce and gnocchi aren't the healthiest, but it was DELICIOUS. And he lit some candles and put on our favorite music, and it was just a really lovely night in. We chatted about this and that, enjoyed each others' company, and then right as we were finishing dinner he just said some really sweet things (that's personal ) and got right down on one knee and asked me. I didn't even look at the ring!!! I was totally surprised, I started crying, which I didn't expect. We've been together for so long that I didn't think it'd come across as a big deal when he proposed, but it was simple and sweet, and then we danced

Dress: No dress yet!!!!! Heck, I have no idea what sort of dress I want, lol! But I do know I want the size to be as small as I can feasibly do in a year! I am a fairly hourglass-y shape, so anything that looks good on me like that. I doubt I'd want a princess style dress or anything super-slinky, but I probably won't know until I've got it on. I tend to be fairly traditional/classic with a hint of vintage in my style.

New job: Love love love love love love love my new job!!! I haven't been in such a happy place career-wise in about four years. Of course, I have no idea what I'm doing, but the only way to learn how to teach IS to teach and make mistakes and try to do better next time. As long as the students understand something, I'm doing okay. It's okay if I look like an idiot as long as they get it!

New job is in Indiana, small midwestern town currently plagued with drought, unfortunately. The school has about 900 students so it's definitely small, but it's got a HUGE endowment >.> so there's money to do research when I need to and take trips and get good stuff for classes, so that's good too.

Seriously, I'm so happy and content. Now I just need to get this weight off!

WE CAN DO IT THIS WEEK GUYS!!!! Mern, sounds like you've got a new routine that's coming along. Cassie and nobe, one day at a time! Kayla, girl it sounds like you're on the right track for sure, sometimes we just have to try things and learn those lessons about what's important to us to really make it stick!!!! GO TEAM GO!


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