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Mern, the pre-posting idea came from me. I'm glad it works for you. It helps me a ton.

Ok, I feel like I'm in the middle of a stress tornado. Like there's not a single thing in my life that is not going crazy, and its making me crazy. So, last week I completely abandoned my good eating and exercise habits, because it was too much for me to concentrate on. I gained 1 lb, but more importantly, it taught me something. Instead of taking one more thing off my mind so I don't get overwhelmed by the craziness, not eating right and exercising made me feel less capable of handling the craziness. I can't control most of the things in my life right now, but my eating and exercise I can control, and that makes me feel better. Lesson learned. Here are my goals for this week. I'm giving myself a sort of pass on exercise (aiming for 3 instead of 2) because its TOTM, and I don't feel good. Haha. I have found that when I need a break, like this week, its easier for me to just cut myself a little slack within a healthy range than to just give up entirely for the week. I don't feel as bad about that.

Stay in calorie limits.
Exercise 3 days.
Keep carbs @ or under 33%.
Sleep 7 hours a night.
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