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Default Thank you!

Who posted that she plans and logs her foods the day/night before? Sorry I forgot who it was But I want to thank her for such a valuable tip!

That tip has been saving me from cheating while learning my new way of eating:
-- Yesterday I adapted a recipe for a yellow squash bread for DH and made some changes to lower the carbs and fat. Before I ate anything at all I pre-logged 1/2 a slice of it so I could taste for myself how well (or not) my adaption worked. I came in well at the end of the day.
--It was so yummy that I wanted to enjoy some again today so yesterday I pre-logged about 3/4 a slice for today and planned a whole nutritious menu around it.
--I've been craving tuna casserole, so pre-logged for tomorrow a serving of it made with Dreamfields pasta (low digestible carb), jarred roasted red pepper sauce and broccoli instead of peas. DH gets buttered cracker crumb topping and my half of the casserole has no topping.
--Wednesday we are going to Chick-Fil-A for a fundraiser where the charity will get a certain percentage of total sales. I pre-logged a Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad and am going to a produce market tomorrow where I can buy that Walden Farms zero cal, zero fat, zero carb salad dressing and will tote it with me since I couldn't find any Chick-Fil-A dressing or any in my fridge that wouldn't knock me off target. I will plan the rest of that day's menu to come in on target, too.

Not saying I'll never cheat again, but that tip and Cassie's tip about being flexible are now helping me keep from feeling hungry and/or deprived on my new diet.

Virtually everyone here has given me some sort of personal, helpful advice at one time or another. I am truly grateful to each and every one of you.
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