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Log all food. Good, bad and ugly. M,T,W, TH,F,S, S
Walk at least 10000 steps a day. 14,652, 10,046,13270, 12446,12192,(6135),11205
Take supplements. M,T,W,TH,F,S,S
Drink 64 oz of water daily. M,T,W, Th,F,S,S
Keep caloric intake below 1800 each day. M,T,W, Th,F,S.

Well, I am so glad I was hard on myself last week and had a no excuses attitude. It was really the kick in the pants that I needed.

Mern: The lower case letters were that I was on a different computer, teeny tiny buttons, shift? eh forget it! I met ALMOST every goal this week except for Saturdays steps per day goal. Mern, you really are an inspiration to me. When I see the goals you set for yourself and the diligence in following the "rules" it just leaves me in awe. When I read about your "pre-logged evening snack" I had to laugh, I pre-logged a yogurt with honey and walnuts and dried cranberries last night and then about 12:02 am, realized that I never had it! I instead went to bed. Now I think, i should have had it... to balance my protein and fats out a little better. Here I am sounding like my friend Mern! Quite a compliment to you my dear!

Jenn: glad you are getting along better and feeling good.

Mike: That looks really great! Hope things are coming back to normal as far as the area is concerned. Are the mosquitoes getting worse because of the storm?
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