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I have used Fitday PC since 2008. When I asked about upgrading to Version 2, I was told there was no discount, that I had to pay full price for the new version, so I didn't get it.

When I started a new diet with my mother last month, I convinced her to purchase it to track her food. Another friend joined in and also purchased it. In order to help them learn the program, my mother purchased the new version for me as well.

I would not have "upgraded" for any other reason. I was perfectly happy with the old version. I just got the new version yesterday, but as someone else stated, the main difference I see is the color of the window. I would like to have the ability to change color schemes as some older people (my mother is 83) find it difficult to read it when the font is a light blue on a royal blue background.

Because there are three of us using the same diet plan, we each had to add our meal replacement items in as custom foods. One thing I would like to know is if there is a way to export a custom food database only. As more people join us on our journey (we are using Shaklee's Cinch Plan) I would love some way to send them the custom foods of Shaklee's Cinch products. I know this is not something that is common, so doubt if there is any way to do it, but it is always worth it to ask.
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