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Mike, kudos on your progress on the hurricane and bike repairs. Good to read that you're obviously more upbeat that you have been lately with all the stuff that was going wrong. It IS crazy how little we eat when we get busy. What did you have for supper?

Frenchhen, in your daily report, when you have the day of the week in small/lower case letters does that mean you missed your goal or that you made your goal and just typed it differently? Congrats on your exercise and all your goals met this week.

Cassie, congrats on your exercise, veggies, and logging, and MOST importantly for not running off the rails under very difficult circumstances yesterday. I, too, look at each day as a fresh start.

Tracey, what a fun project to help the kids make scarecrows. LOL on the strawberries and yoghurt instead of chocolate and the fact that I can never remember where to put the letter h in the English spelling of yogurt. Wishing you a healthful eating day.

Jenn, glad you're feeling a bit better and I hope the rest of your total recovery comes quickly. Kudos on keeping your sugars consistent, especially with being sick.
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